Welcome to the website from the families ERDSIEK, ERDSIECK en ERDTSIECK. As can be seen on
this website all 3 names are closely related.
The family Erdtsieck has lived in the Netherlands since 1700 starting from the Cities Zwolle / Hasselt
and have moved from there to Haarlem. The dutch Family Erdtsieck originates from Jan Gerhard ERDSIEK
who was born in Herford Germany. When he was registered in Holland the German Family-name ERDSIEK
has been changed to ERDTSIECK by the city-councils of Amersfoort and Zwolle.
Jan Gerhard Erdsiek comes from a family of Musicians that lived in Enger/Herford for 4 generations. Before
that the ERDSIEK family has lived in Schildesche Germany for at least 3 generations between 1500 and 1600
as a Farmers family on the "Hof Erdsiek" (nr.11)
Before 1500 no further accounts of the Family have been found up until now. It could be that the family has
lived in the area of Schildesche before 1500 but it is strange that only one family ERDSIEK has been found.
Due to the fact that Jewish names like "ZEBULON" have been used in the family some people believe that
the family has a jewish origin. There are indeed some similarities with Jewish family-names like
ERTESCHIK and ERTYSCHEK but I myself find it very hard to believe because my direct family lacks all
physical characteristics that normally are expected in jewish descendants.

In this site you will find genealogies of the dutch ERDTSIECK and German ERDSIEK family, pictures and
other interesting information about our family. Please check in very often because
the website will be extended continuously.