Reinier Erdtsieck

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I have been active in IT for 30 years now and have worked for a lot of companies in the Netherlands in the Industry and also in Government. My main expertise has been the design and development of object oriented software applications and later on in my career Data Analysis and the administration and development of Database Systems and Datawarehouses in Oracle, Sql Server and Sybase.

I am 1st degree teacher in Mathematics and Information Technology and have been active as trainer for Software Technology and Databases since 1996. I have been active as Coach and Project Manager and have a Prince2 Certification.


University Groningen (RUG)

Master Mathematics and Information Technology

August 1982

University Groningen (RUG)

Post Doctorate Business Economics

August 1985


Oracle (PL/SQL) , Sql Server (T-SQL), MySql, Postgresql, Sybase.

Programming Languages & Tools
.NET, Powerbuilder, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Cobol

Other Expertise
Training, Coaching, Website Design/Hosting, Bitcoins/Cryptocoins Technology


HTS Zwolle (Teacher Mathematics)
Atos Origin (BSO)
Logica (CMG)
Sybase INC
Information Management Netherlands
Nuon Energy
Gemeente Almelo


I have build Software and Database Systems for the following Companies:

Gemeente Almelo, ERETA Cairo, Nuon Energy, Police Netherlands, MEE, Alcoa, Fortis, ING, Rabo, ABN Amro,NMB Bank,
Casema, KPN, Bouwfonds, Euler, Nedstaal, Flora, Philips, Kluwer, Holland Signaal.

The Ministeries of Defence, Health, Environment, Social Affairs, Traffic and Finance (Tax Office).

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Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies

Since 2013 I have started to be involved in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies world at the moment that Bitcoin mining started to decline and Scrypt mining had started with Litecoins. I have developed deep knowledge about this field and I am a strong believer that within the near future the current monetary system will be completely replaced with a new monetary system which will be based on Digital Currencies.

IMHO however Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are not that digital system yet. It was inplemented to achieve distributed consensus and anonimity but has big disadvantages which makes it unsuitable for business systems in its present form. The bitcoin blockchain is slow and expensive and misses essential business transaction information. A new system needs to be developed that could be based on distributed database technology.

"The internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing missing, soon to be developed, is a reliable e-cash."
(Nine years later, Bitcoin was born)

Professor Milton Friedman, 1999


The genealogy of the Erdtsieck Family

The current Erdtsieck family in the Netherlands has originated from Schildesche Germany.
The first reference mentioned in the archives is Hartwig ERDSIEK who has been living in Schildesche
around 1500. After him there have been 4 generations of ERDSIEK who have been church musicians at
Enger and Herford Germany. They were Johann, Jodocus, Johann Jost and Johann Jobst Erdsiek.
The beginning of the ERDSIEK family has been described in the legendary German Geschlechterbuch band 82

Johann Jobst Erdsiek was asked to play at the Grand Church of Zwolle Netherlands and met there his later wife
Maria Masmann. He was deeply in love with her and decided to marry her and move to Zwolle.
From him the complete later Erdtsieck family in the Netherlands has orginated.
People who are interested in the complete family-tree of the Erdtsieck family can find it here:
Family Tree of the ERDSIEK and ERDTSIECK family

You have to register an account at to be able to view it but it is completely free and
after being a registered member you will be able to add your own family details in the family-tree.
I have researched all this material together with the great Bob Erdtsieck from Winsum Groningen !!!


I am not availible for fulltime IT jobs so please do not email me for such job offers !!!
For interesting short-term or parttime assigments however you can always contact me.

Possible assignments that could interest me are:

  • Standard or Customized Trainings Databases, Programming or other IT Topics.
  • Teaching Mathematics on HAVO,VWO or HBO
  • Database Performance and Tunic assignments
  • Database Migration projects.
  • Datawarehouse Design and Implementation.
  • IT Infrastructure Analysis and Advice.
  • Building/hosting Dynamic Websites
Interesting offers or requests for my latest CV can be forwarded to: Email-address

Birthplace of ERDSIEK Family in Schildesche

Historic article ERDSIEK family Herford

Erdsiek Family in Geschlechterbuch