Travel Documents Erdtsieck Family

This is the data from the voyage of Stephan Melchior Erdsiek with the VOC to Indonesia in 1717.
Stephan Melchior was the brother from Jan Bernard who went to India in 1721 and also from Jan
Gerhard and Arnoldus. It is interesting to notice that Stephan Melchior is reported to be living in Zwolle.
This gives evidence to our assumption that the complete family of Johann Jobst Erdsiek did indeed
move from Herford Germany to Zwolle somewhere around 1710.

This is the data from the voyage of Johan (Jan) Bernard Erdsiek with the VOC to Indonesia
in 1721. The date suggests that Johan went to India in relation with the death of his brother
Stephan Melchior only a couple of months earlier.

Departure USA 1910 from Ferdinand Karel (1890) and his first wife Francina Catherina (1888)
His motherJohanna Zuidmeer didnt go along with him but stayed in Holland.

Departure USA 1916 from the other 2 sons Ted en Henry together with their mother who is
by that time already divorced from Ferdinand Karel.

The return in Holland of Ferdinand for his marriage with Nelly Abercrombie, You can see the switch
in Marital Status.

Departure to USA of Nellie Abercrombie in 1923 to join her husband