Arnoldus Erdtsieck (1710)

On 17 November in Zwolle the marriage takes place between Arnoldus Erdtsieck from Herford Germany and son of
Johan Jobst Erdsiek with Hendrika Maria Tonnemans. The exact age of Arnoldus at that time is unknown.
Hendrika Maria was the second child of Joost Hermen Adolph Tonnemans and Anna Brinkhuis.

From the marriage of Arnoldus and Hendrika 7 children are born from whom 4 grow up to adult age.
On 5 June 1747 Arnoldus obtains the citizen-ship from Zwolle. On this document only 3 children are
mentioned: Johannes Joost (8 years), Jan Christoffel (6 years) and Arentdina (4 years).
It is very strange that his oldest daughter Anna Maria (13 years) is missing.

The age of death from Arnoldus is not exactly known. He must have died however before 26 June 1754 because
at that date Hendrika writes a testament on which the following3 houses are mentioned:
1. A house at the Sassenpoort, named "De Pauw" where Hendrika lives herself.
2. A house named "De Braake" situated at the Walstraat.
3. A house at the Molenstraat on the Nieuwstadt.

Hendrika Maria re-marries at 5 July 1754 with Abraham van Gaasbeek. When Hendrika dies is not exactly known but
it must have been just before 15 October 1770 because at that date the children of Arnoldus sell their inherited
house "De Pauw" to Abraham van Gaasbeek .