Arnoldus Erdtsieck (1771)

Arnoldus is the son from Johannes Joost Erdtsieck Erdtsieck and grandson from Arnoldus Erdtsieck (1710)
who came from Herford Germany.
He becomes baker in Zwolle and marries with Petronella Bello in 1795. From this marriage 3 children were
born from whom 1 son dies in the first year.

Petronella Bello dies in 1817 and in 1821 Arnoldus marries again and this time with Sara Catherina
Folkersen who came from Groningen. By this time Arnoldus is mentioned to be 2-th Lieutenant in the army
Sara's father is 1-th Lieutenant so he must have been introduced to Sara by her father.
It is very likely that Arnoldus moved to Groningen after this because the 4 children that he received
with Sara were born in Groningen.

Until now it is a complete mystery what has happened with the children.
Arnoldus recived 3 boys Johannes Kuijpers, Maurits Bernard and Arnold Carel Frederik from this marriage,
which can be seen on the birth-chart below, but besides their birth-certificates no other references from
them have been found. (See their birth-certificates below)
Maybe someone visiting the website can email information from their whereabouts.