Jan Gerhard Erdtsieck (1695)

On our website this ancestor is called "Erdtsieck". Within the city council of
Amersfoort where Jan Gerhard lived in 1725 he is called : "Johannes Gerhardus Ertsich van Herfort".

Jan Gerhard comes to Holland around 1725 from Herford or Enger in Germany. He has been a horseman
in the Brandenburg army. In Amersfoort he marries with Jacoba Pot van Wonen.
She is a daughter from Theodoris Pot van Wonen and Mensie van Dil. Johanna is baptized in 1699
in the Roman Catholic church t'Zand in Amersfoort.

Between 1745 and 1750 the family moves to Zwolle. Jan Gerhard and Jacoba recieve 5 daughters and
2 sons from whom only daughter Willemina and son Johannes Jozephus grow up to an adult age.
This emerges from the testament that Jan Gerhard writes on 17 December 1762 where only these 2 children
are mentioned.

Jan Gerhard's wife Jacoba Pot van Wonen dies on 22 Augustus 1759 and is buried in Zwolle.