Johannes Joost (1739)

This description is not from the wellknown "Johannes Jozephus Erdtsieck" the son of Jan Gerhard
Erdtsieck. This is the son of Arnoldus Erdtsieck and Hendrika Maria Tonnemans. These 2 ancestors with the name
of "Johannes Joost" are frequently mixed up during family investigations.

Johannes Joost was born and baptized at 29 November 1739 in Zwolle. He does confession for the church in March 1760.
During his life Johannes Joost works as a baker in the Roggestraat.
In 1765 Johannes marries with Aleida Ruttenberg. they receive 5 children from whom only son Arnoldus reaches adult age.
His son Arnoldus becomes baker like his father and marries with Petronella Bello.

Aleida Luttenberg dies on age 37 and is buried on 1 February 1776 in Zwolle.
Already a year later on 3 February 1777 Johannes Joost marries the 18 years younger Geesje Gangius.
With her Johannes receives 6 children from whom 4 die at a young age. His daughter Derkje works as a 'Matres'
for the poor in Zwolle and dies in 1783. From his son Hendrikus no details are known but he has probably died
at a young age because Johannes has named his first son with his third wife again "Hendrik"

About Geesje Gangius nothing further is known. She probably died before 1795 because at 27 December 1795 Johannes
marries again with Aaltje van Aalderen.
From this marriage a son and a daughter are born. The son Hendrik dies at age 31 in Zwolle without children.
His daughter Marta Hendrienne marries with Carolus Tijl. Carolus works for the Tax-office and will be the
ancestor of the well-known publishers family "Tijl" in Zwolle.