Johannes Jozephus Erdtsieck (1741)

Johannes Joost is born and baptized in Amersfoort in 1741. He moves with his parents to
Zwolle and obtains the citizen-ship on 4 May 1761 for 35 guilders from the city of Zwolle.
He marries in Zwolle on 10 august 1761 with Christina Kremers.
With the birth of their first child unfortunately both his wife and child die.
On 10 april 1763, when he lives in the Bitterstraat, he marries again with Gerritdina Remmelenkamp.
She is the daughter of lieutenant Jacob Remmelenkamp and Geertruid Buytenhof. During his marriage with
Gerritdina Johannes becomes a wealthy citizen. He buys and sells several houses in Zwolle and the
direct neighboorhood and he lends money for interest to several persons in Zwolle.
The first house Johannes buys on 6 February 1763 is the cafe "De Rode Leeuw" which is situated on
the "Vismarkt". Johannes has worked himself for quite some time as barman in this cafe.
With Gerritdina Johannes receives 4 sons and 4 daughters as can be seen on the Genealogy of Jan Gerhard
Erdtsieck. Peculiar is that his daughter Geertruid from 1774 marries with Pieter Singer.
That is a son from the first marriage of Elizabeth Margaretha Singer with whom her father marries in 1780

After the death of Gerritdina on 14 oktober 1779 Johannes marries for the third time on 1 november 1780
with Elizabeth Margaretha Singer (also called Sänger ). She is a widow living in the north
of Overijssel and from German origin.
Johannes Joost dies on 24 January 1803, aged 62 years, and his wife Elizabeth dies on 16 march 1808.

To get a good impression from the wealth of Johannes we present a list here from the Transport-register
of his time:

Date:               Transaction:
6-2-1763 J.J.E. buys the house "De Rode Leeuw" on the Vismarkt from Arredink Geerling and Everdina Wolboek
13-3-1764 J.J.E. buys a house outside the Sassenpoort from Johannes Hoefman and Fennigje van Assendorp
17-12-1766 J.J.E. buys a house at the Vismarkt from Hendrik Tichelen.
10-6-1769 J.J.E. buys the house "De Stadsherberg" ouside the Kamperpoort.
26-3-1779 J.J.E. buys a house at the Groote Aa from Theodorus Gelsink and Gerarda Maria van Grootveld.
14-3-1782 J.J.E. buys a house at the Musschenhage (Kamperpoort)
1-5-1787 J.J.E. lends 400 Guilders at 3.5 % to Lambert van Assendorp and Geetruid Brink.
1-11-1788 J.J.E. sells the house "De Weduwe" at the "Kromme Jak" to Willem Flik and Martha Crajers
2-4-1789 J.J.E. buys a house at the Praubstraat besides the entrance to the College.
2-5-1793 J.J.E. buys a house at the corner of the Praubstraat
24-5-1797 J.J.E. lends 1200 Guilders at 4 % to Herman van Bruggen and Jesientje Schipper.
3-8-1798 J.J.E. buys a house at the Vismarkt from Elizabeth van Cleef, widow from Sietse Hoekstra.
3-5-1799 J.J.E. lends 1000 Guilders to Everard Wentzel and Anna Aleyda Stollen against 4%.
4-5-1799 J.J.E. buys a house at the Vismarkt besides the Binnegasthuis from Hermen Plessink and Aaltje van Dijk.
19-11-1799 J.J.E. sells 3 adjacent houses in the Bonkenmate to Hendrik Kok and Jannetje Jansen.
1-11-1800 J.J.E. lends 1000 Guilders at 4% to Pieter v/d Berg and Margreta v/d Berg.
5-12-1801 J.J.E. lends 600 guilders at 4% to Johanna Suzanna Höfeld.
30-6-1802 J.J.E. buys a house at the Mussensteeg from Gosen Cavalier.
17-12-1802 J.J.E. sells a house at the Peter van Akensbrug to Jan Mink and Jannigje Gerrits.