Theodorus Erdtsieck (1775)

One of the biggest mysteries of the early Dutch Erdtsieck family is the fact that the family falls from great wealth
to relative poor circumstances in 2 or 3 generations.
One of the reasons for this loss of wealth is beyond any doubt the behaviour of Johannes Jozephus son Theodorus.
He is a big spender of money and is placed under curatorship twice in his live. The first time in 1793 by his father
when he tries to obtain his heritage while being in the army. The second time in 1808 together with his wife by the
city-council of Zwolle.
Reason for this was the refusal of paying back a loan of 1000 Guilders from Lucas Buisman.

Theodorus was born on 1-11-1767. Not much is known of his youth but he is reported to be a misfit.
He marries on 28 October 1793 with Derkjen de Vries. She is a daughter from Klaas de Vries and Ankje Derks.
From their 8 children who are born only his son Gerrit Hermanus stays alive and becomes the ancestor of the
complete Dutch Erdtsieck family in Zwolle/Hasselt and Haarlem.
Theodorus works during his life as a silversmith's assistance.
On 3 April 1810 his wife Derkjen dies and Theodorus joins the French Navy under Napoleon as a replacement for
his good friend Willem Gunneman. He dies during the war-activities in 1813.