Family News from Jan Erdtsieck Amsterdam born 1901 (01-03-2017)

I recieved interesting family news from Jos Erdtsieck in Purmerend about Jan Erdtsieck
from Amsterdam, born 1901, who is shown at the Haarlem Part 1. genealogy webpage.
Up until now we had no information about Jan's descendants at all. Jos is the grandson
from Jan Erdtsieck and he has send me the following information about their family:


Amazing news about the Indonesian Erdtsieck Family (6-11-2013)

Some time ago I have had contact again with Joke and Chris Erdtsieck. Joke told me that they have found
information, during their visit to Java, that the ancestor of the Indonesian part of the Erdtsieck family
has turned out not to be Jan Bernard Erdsiek from Herford as has been mentioned before by me on the website
but actually 1 of the 3 sons from Arnoldus Erdtsieck that I have mentioned on 1-2-2013 this year.
These sons have been: Johannes Kuipers, Maurits Bernard and Arnold Carel Frederik.
As I mentioned before Maurits Bernard has stayed in the Netherlands and died in Roosendaal. The other
2 brothers Johannes Kuipers and Arnold Carel Frederik however both have moved to Indonesia.
Joke is not absolutely sure which brother is the ancestor of the Indonesian family but it is most likely
that this is Johannes Kuipers. Johannes married there on 19 april 1857 with Bernardina Jacomina Jacobs.
He was an officer in the Infantery of the army. Johannes and Jacomina are most probibly the parents from:
Jan Willem Friso (4 june 1858) and Justinus Hermanus (30 november 1862).
From the other brother Arnold Carel Frederik it has only been found that he has died in Semarang on
9 november 1871, being only 41 years of age.

In Memoriam Fred Jr Erdtsieck born 1926 Davenport USA (1-9-2013)

It has been brought to my attention that Fred Jr Erdtsieck passed away on 16 June 2012 after a long
struggle with Parkinson. Fred was a US Marine veteran who fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars.
His remaining ashes have been spread in his favourite fishing hole in Tanaku Lodge by his 2 sons
Fred III (1954) and Robert (1960 aka Bob)
You can find more family pictures from Fred on the Photos menu of the website.


Son Kian from Linda and Patrick in Hoogeveen (29-3-2013)

It has been brought to my intention by Erick Erdtsieck that in 2009 Linda and Patrick Erdtsieck
living in Hoogeveen have received a beautiful and healthy son named Kian.
I sincerely congratulate the parents with this very happy event.
Below you can see Kian's birth-card and I have added his name to the Genealogy Charts.


The Mystery around Arnoldus Erdtsieck 1710 (1-2-2013)

Ever since I have discovered our German Ancestor brothers Jan Gerhard and Arnoldus who came
to Zwolle with their father Johann Jobst Erdsiek from Herford at the beginning of the 18-th
century it appeared that all Erdtsieck family in the Netherlands are descendants from Jan
Gerhard and that there are no descendants from Arnoldus alive anymore.
In April 2008 I discovered that Arnoldus (1771), the grandson from Arnoldus (1710), received
3 sons Johannes Kuipers, Maurits Bernard and Arnold Carel Frederik.
These sons were born in Groningen during his older days when married to Sara Cath. Folkersen.

Up until now I didnt find however any new information at all from these 3 brothers. There are no
marriage certificates, birth-certificates and not even death-certificates. It looks as if these
brothers haven't lived at all which is very strange because even if they die in their first year
or youth a formal death-certificate is normally made. It could be of course that they have moved
to cities who don't keep online genealogy information like Amsterdam but that is also unlikely to
happened to all 3 of them.

Recently I have found new information about the 2-nd son Maurits Bernard. Maurits has died in 1884
at the age of 57 at "Bergen op Zoom". (see picture below)
It is still uncertain if any descendants from Arnoldus are alive nowadays and I hope that I will
recieve more information about this interesting subject in the future.


New Layout for the Erdtsieck Family Website (1-1-2013)

At the start of 2013 I wish all family members worldwide a very happy newyear and I sincerely
hope that 2013 will bring an excellent year for all of us. Please dont hesitate to contact me
with new information or just to mention how you have been lately.
I would love to hear again from you all.

The start from this year brings a new layout for the website with a new form of clickable Birthtrees.
(please be patient. The birthtrees for Zwolle and Haarlem take some time to load !)
There is also new family information availible in the birthtrees originating from the new website New information is marked in the color Red.


New Photo from Hendrikus Erdtsieck Zwolle 1861 (15-9-2011)

Last week I have visited Chris Erdtsieck and his wife Joke at their holiday-house in Norg (drenthe)
It was a very pleasant meeting and very nice to meet Joke and Chris eventually in the flesh.
Thanks a lot for the hospitality Joke and Chris and I hope to see you again in the future.
I also found this week an old photo in my archive from Hendrikus Erdtsieck (1861) and his wife Egberdina
Eekhoorn (1863) on their wedding anniversary. It is a nice picture from the local newspaper and I have
placed it on the website.

New Erdtsieck Family website has been opened (1-7-2011)

This week I had contact with Fred Erdtsieck (born Carl Friedrich 1961) who lives
in Australia. He has given me more information and photos from his family and told me
that he has opened a new Family-website which can be found at: website
I have included all the information from Fred on this website and wish him
good luck with his own Family-website.


New Indonesian Ancestor discovered in VOC Archives (1-11-2009)

Just recently I have found evidence that besides Jan Bernard Erdsiek also his brother Stephan
Melchior Erdsiek went to Indonesia. You can find his travel-document on the Documents-menu.
Stephan Melchior stayed in Indonesia for 3 years so theoretically he could also have been the ancestor
from the Indonesian Erdsieck family although it is far more likely that this was Jan Bernard who stayed
there for 10 years.
Here's a picture of the complete Ancestor family:

New Erdsieck family-branch discovered in Kampen (17-04-2009)

I have received new family-information about the descendants from Gerrit Erdsieck (1910) and
Berendina Westerveld Kampen.
The information came from Monica and Berend-Jan Erdsieck Kampen and I thank them very much
for sharing this family-information with us. You can find the new family-information on the birthtree
from Hasselt/Zwolle in the Genealogy-menu.

New website domain and Origin Indonesian family discovered (01-03-2009)

I have had problems with my website at Yahoo and has moved the website now to
a hoster in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I lost my domain with this move and will
now continue the family-website on the domain because
(and also .net and .org) are not availible. They are owned by Craig Erdtsieck (son Edward) in the USA
who doesnt want the domains to be used for family web-hosting.

A couple of weeks ago I have been able to solve an ancient family-mystery. The origins of the Indonesian
Erdtsieck family. Based on information from Joke and Chris Erdtsieck and the website of the VOC we
have now discovered that Johan Bernard Erdsiek from Herford (1699-1731) is the ancestor.
He was a brother from Johan Gerhard Erdsiek who is the ancestor of the Dutch Erdtsieck family.
Johan Bernard went as a soldier in 1721 to Indonesia with the VOC where he lived and worked for 10
years in the military fort Mr.Cornelis at Java:
(Link: )

Up until now the earliest ancestor known from the Indonesian Erdtsieck family is Hermanus Justitius Erdtsieck
(1862-1924) who is the grandfather from Chris,Edward,Paul and Gottfried Erdtsieck.
From the archives in Indonesia we have found that Hermanus Justitius was born at fort Mr.Cornelis where
also Johan Bernard has lived. Because of that it is almost certain that he is the great-grandfather from
Hermanus Justitius. It is however very unlikely that we will ever find more information about the direct
children of Johan Bernard Erdsiek in Indonesia.
You can find Johan Bernard's VOC travel-card at the "Travel Documents" menu on this website.

New family-members in Vlissingen and Hoogeveen (16-10-2008)

With the help from Ed en Erick Erdtsieck we have been able to find new branches of the Erdtsieck-family that live
in the cities Vlissingen and Hoogeveen in Holland. In both cases the family-members involved are direct des-
cendants from Johannes Gijsbertus (1872) and his wife Katrina Fransesca Zwaneveld (1875).
On the genealogy-page "Haarlem I " you can look up these new family-branches (marked in red).
Ed has also send us pictures from Johannes Gijsbertus Erdtsieck (1872) with his daughter Katerine Franciske
(Toos 1907) and from the grave of Katrina Fransesca Zwaneveld which are now also shown on the website

Overview of the last activities (1-10-2008)

The preceding months it has been rather quiet on our website. I have been busy with other activities and couldnt
spend much time on the family-affairs. The investigation of the German ancestry seems completed. Before 1500
only latin written documents are availible and they were only used to write down information about the noble families
in Germany which makes the chance to find anything about ERDSIEK before 1500 almost Zero.

Recently I have had contact with family-members in Hoogeveen and Vliisingen. I will probably present their family-
information on the website in the near future. I have had contact also with Edward Erdtsieck in the States, from the
Indonesian family-branch. Unfortunately he hasnt reacted yet on my request for additional family-information.

New German Ancestor Hartwig Erdsiek Schildesche +/- 1500 (13-6-2008)

While studying the documents of the "Ravenburgische Urbar" from Westfalen 1556 (land-register) we found a new
German ancestor from the family "Hartwig Erdsiek". In the Urbar we found the following information:
"Hartwig Erdtsiegk ist ein koter, Meinem Gnedigen Fursten und Hern mit weib und kindern eigen. Sitzet uf des Upmeiers gewelde."
Translated this means that Hartwig Erdtsiek owned an own farmhouse (Kotter) on the grounds (Gewelde) of the farmer Upmeier
(= Upmeier zu Alten-Schildesche ). These grounds still exist and have evolved to the current "Hof Erdsiek (11)" which can now be
found in Schildesche.
Johann Erdtsiek (1575) must be a direct descendant from Hartwig. Hartwig is however not his father but must be his grandfather.

Today we start also with 2 new Genealogies from the German Erdsiek-Family. The first genealogy (Herford) is based on Johann
Erdtsieck 1640 (brother of Jan Gerhard and Arnoldus) and the other "Schildesche" contains the descendants from Albert Heinrich (1696)
and Hermann Erdsiek (1670) from Schildesche. Although not explicitly mentioned both men are most certainly descendants from
Johann Erdsiek (1575) who later in his life went to Enger to become an organist.

German origins of the family have been found !!! (23-5-2008)

Not without a certain amount of pride I announce today that we have been able to establish the link that connects
the family Erdtsieck with the German Ravensberg Family Erdsiek. This couldnt haven been done without the help
from Mr. Sibbert from the "Evangelische Kirche Schildesche". Thanks a lot Hans for your invaluable help with this.
The source of this new family information is the notorious German Genealogical book from Max Scheele (1932):
"Deutschen Geschlechterbuch", Band 82 pages 122 + 123 also called "Ravensburgischen Geschlechterbuch"

From this book it appears that the Family Erdtsieck in Holland emerges from the German Musicians Erdsiek family
that have already been presented in the "ERDSIEK Family" menu.
Our Ancestors Jan Gerhard and Arnoldus Erdtsieck were actually brothers and sons from Johann Jost Erdsiek (1660)
born in Herford. Johann Jost played organ, first in the Neustadter Kirche and later also in the " Grote Kerk" in Zwolle.
During his work in Zwolle he met his later wife Maria Masmann and married with her in 1689. It is not 100% certain
but most probably Johann Jost moved with his family around 1710 from Herford to Zwolle. Jan Gerhard en Arnoldus
came with him and they also settled themselves in Zwolle.

The new Genealogy from the German Ancestors is shown in the Genealogy-menu (Hermann Erdsiek Schildesche)
and in the Documents-menu you can find the relevant pages from the "Geschlechterbuch" from which the family-
relations have been derived.

Genealogy from Jacobus Erdtsieck 1845 Haarlem (17-5-2008)

This weekend I have visited Jacobus Erdtsieck from 1921 (also called Bob). Jacobus Erdtsieck lives at the
Nijenhuislaan in Zwolle and he is a descendant from Jacobus Erdtsieck (1845) Haarlem. With the aid of Bob
I have been able to define all descendants from Jacobus Erdtsieck 1845 Haarlem and Bob has given me
also a couple of marvellous pictures from his parents and grandparents which are shown on the Photos-menu.

Family-research in Bielefeld Germany (7-5-2008)

Last week I have been in Bielefeld Germany to search through the church family-archives from Westfalen for
our ancestor Jan Gerhard Erdtsieck. I have searched the archives from the cities: Bielefeld, Herford, Enger,
Werther and Heepen. I have found several ERDSIEK family-members, under whom the musicians from Enger
which you can find on this website, but unfortunately not our ancestors Jan Gerhard and Arnoldus Erdtsieck.
I have spoken with the administrator of the archives Mr.Melzer and he has adviced me to look further in the
archives from the city Schildesche. The problem however is that there are no alfabetical registers from this
place but only micro-fiches which are almost impossible to be viewed without proper training.
I have received contact-information from an organisation who performs genealogical research in the city of
Schildesche and I will try to get in contact with them to continue our investigatons in Schildesche.


Splendid new family-picture from Jan Gerhard Erdtsieck Haarlem 1866 (30-4-2008)

This week I received from Loes Erdtsieck a gordious old family-picture from Jan Gerhard Erdtsieck Haarlem.
Thanks very much Loes for sharing this delightful information with the rest of the family.
Please go to the Photo's menu when you want to see this new picture.
Jan Gerhard was married with Emilia Cornelia Maria Theodora Rompke and he already appeared on the
website with his mourning-card in the "Documents"-menu.

New menu 'Dokuments' with documentation about the Family !!! (27-4-2008)

I have received lots of documents regarding the Erdtsieck family lately and therefor I have started this weekend
a new menu "Documents" in which the most interesting documents have been published.

Genealogy from American Erdtsieck Family discovered !!! (25-4-2008)

After long fruitless searches we have been able to find at last the American Erdtsieck-family from whom fishing-
pictures appear on this website. The family has descended from Ferdinand Karel (1860) and his wife Johanna
Zuidmeer (1860). You will find their genealogy on the Haarlem I -menu.

Genealogy from Zwolle and Haarlem has been extended (22-4-2008)

Caused by false registrations at the HCO in Zwolle a complete family-branch under Theodorus Erdtsieck (1825) and
Egberdina Schmidt (1829) was not found until now. This omission has now been corrected. Besides that some new
details have been added also to the Haarlem Genealogy. From now on I will mark major changes and additions to
the Genealogy-charts in a red color so that they can be recognized more easily.

Genealogy Haarlem Family has been extended (20-4-2008)

After studying the City Archives from Haarlem I have been able to largely extend the genealogy of the Haarlem-part
of our family. I have also received family-information from family-members Loes Erdtsieck (Eindhoven) and Thomas
Erdtsieck for which I thank them very much. The wealth of information has forced me to split up the Haarlem family
into 2 parts both starting from the common ancestor Johan Gerhard (1764) with Johanna Smook.
The first branch starts with his son Theodorus (1788) and the second branch with the other son Jacobus (1792).
As can be seen the Genealogies are far from complete. Anyone who has additional information that can be used
to complete the Genealogies is strongly urged to email his information to the webmaster: Email-adres

New Genealogy from Arnoldus Erdtsieck in Groningen (20-4-2008)

The genealogy presented from Arnoldus Erdtsieck was not complete. His years in Groningen were missing.
In Groningen Arnoldus got 5 children, under which 3 sons, with his latest wife Sara Catherina Folkersen.
Look at the Genealogy-menu to see the latest information about Arnoldus.

New Family-photos and Gravestones have come in

With compliments to Jacob Hartman, husband of Hendrikje Erdtsieck (1958), we present today new pictures of
Gerrit Erdtsieck (1932)/Hendrikje v/d Berg and Egbert Johannes Erdtsieck (1908)/Albertha Goris and a set of
new gravestones among which that of Derk Jacobus Erdtsieck (1892) and Hendrikus Erdtsieck (1899).

Genealogy Arnoldus Erdtsieck + a new History Menu (19-4-2008)

This weekend 2 interesting new things have been placed on the website. Firstly you can find a Genealogy now of
the ancestor Arnoldus Erdtsieck on the website. It is rather frustrating to see that although Arnoldus had 4 and
his son Johannes Joost even 13 children this part of the family has most likely disappeared. This is however not
absolutely sure because it could have happened that the sons Hendrik and/or Hendrikus did have offspring.

This weekend we also start with a new menu called "History". In this menu we will place stories about notorious
historical family-members. For the time being, due to the amount of work involved, the stories will be presented
only in the Dutch Language.
We start this week with the ancestors: Jan Gerhard, Johannes Jozephus, Theodorus, Arnoldus en Johannes Joost.

Take a look also at the new menu-item: "Family Registration". Quite funny mistakes are mentioned there.

Publication of the Genealogy from the Indonesian Erdtsieck Family

I have been busy for some time to complete the genealogy from the Indonasian part of the Erdtsieck Family.
This genealogy is nearly complete now but I don't receive anymore information from the family-members involved
so I hope that the presentation on the website will trigger new information to complete this information.
Apart from the missing details the biggest challenge on the Genealogy is to find the father from Hermanus Justitius
Erdtsieck so that we can link the Indonesian Family directly to the Dutch Erdtsieck family.
Information has reached us that Hermanus Justitius Erdtsieck has studied on the Theological University in Kampen
and was send out to Indonesia for mission-work so that might help to find his origins.

It is not certain but rather likely also that the American Erdtsieck family from whom pictures are shown at this website
are direct descendants from Charles Philips Erdtsieck.
Anyone with new information about the family is strongly asked to email the webmaster ( See Contact)

Extensions to the Genealogy of Jan Gerhard Erdtsieck (12-4-2008)

It has been quiet for some time around the family-website but in the background a lot has happened.
New material has become availible that helped us to extend the genealogy of Jan Gerhard Erdtsieck.
In the coming days we will also publish a genealogy from Arnoldus Erdtsieck. Arnoldus Erdtsieck is,
like Jan Gerhard, a german who came to Zwolle in 1732 where he married with Hendrika Maria Tonnemans.

At the moment I am also working to introduce all the daughters from the Erdtsieck-family into the Genealogies.
It is a major job and it will take some before it wil be finished.

Shortly we will also start a new menu-item called: "History". It thismenu you can expend interesting stories around
remarkable family-members like f.i. Johannes Jozephus Erdtsieck.

A last item worth mentioning is that we will be visiting Germany the end of April to investigate the church-archives
of Bielefeld/Schildesche for the ancestors of Jan Gerhard and Arnoldus Erdtsieck.
Any interesting new information will be published directlly in May.

New ancestor of the Erdtsieck family has been found (10-2-2008)

I am very happy to say that this week we have been able to obtain new information about the ancestors
of the Dutch Erdtsieck family. The information comes from the archives of our dear family-member
Dr.Ir. B Erdtsieck living in Winsum Groningen.
The name of the ancestor is Jan Gerhard Erdtsieck. He was a captain in the German army who came to
Holland and married with Jacoba Pot van Wonen in Amersfoort (1725). Later they moved to Zwolle where
they had a son Johannes Josephus Erdtsieck who was married with Gerridina van Remmelenkamp.
This man, also called Johannes Joost, is also mentioned in the article from Jean Coenen. He was the father
from Johan Gerard Erdtsieck who is the ancestor from the Haarlem family and also from Theodorus
Erdtsieck who was the father from Gerrit Hermanus and the ancestor from the Hasselt/Zwolle family.

New ERDTSIECK family website has gone online (15-1-2008)

I am very happy to announce that this week the new website for the
family ERDTSIECK has gone online.

We start with the basic genealogical material which has been gathered
from our own research within the Netherlands.
I will try to make regular updates to the website with new material which
will come from our own investigations or from new material which is emailed
by visitors to the website.

I welcome you all to check out regularly on the website and look around your-
self for any new interesting information on the ERDTSIECK family.

All new information can be emailed to: Email-adres